With all your friends


Celebrate your children’s party in the Marines Museum! Take your friends for an afternoon of climbing the obstacle course,  go on a mission with your team, climb into a real jeep or tracked vehicle and get your picture taken as a true marine.

What do you get? You will of course get entrance to the Marines Museum and you will visit our experience Marines on Mission. And every child gets a nice gift from us!

Good to know

This can be useful to know at Experience: Marines on Mission.

  • The recommended age is from about 8+. Team members all get their own role that requires the reading level of an 8-year-old. No shocking images will be shown, but it can be exciting.
  • The children all get headphones and have to solve a mission through puzzles and working together.
  • You visit the experience in a team of up to six people (including one adult).
  • The missions start one after the other with ten minutes in between.
  • Before or after the experience, the museum can be visited further, including a jeep (entrance), a real caterpillar vehicle, the BV-206, an obstacle course and a shooting simulation game.

The costs for a children’s party are € 7.50 per child, supervisors pay the regular rate. A children’s party lasts approximately two hours.


Fancy a children’s party at the Mariniersmuseum? Book a children’s party directly via our ticket page. The tickets are also proof of reservation. You will not receive any further information. Don’t forget tickets for the supervisors when booking.



Please contact us with the requested date and time, number of children and chaperones. And don’t forget to include your phone number.