The Corps as a whole is made up of some 2,500 men. The Corps specialises in amphibious operations, reaching their target using landing craft or by parachute, setting off from aircraft carriers.

Amphibious landings rank among the most complex military manoeuvres. This is just one of the reasons why the marines are considered an elite unit. As it is one of the oldest components of the armed forces, the Corps invariably supplies the honorary guard outside the Ridderzaal (Knights’ Hall) on Prinsjesdag (Prince’s Day).

The operational units of the corps consist of two combat units, special forces, amphibious combat and training units and a support unit.


The Marine Corps has its training centres in Rotterdam and on the island of Texel. The Marine Corps’ operational units are based in Doorn, Den Helder and on the island of Texel. In addition, the Corps has operational units in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.