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Up for a stroll around the Mariniersmuseum? 

As location the Mariniersmuseum is part of several city walks. Beneath you will find several links to a diversity of city walks.  

ANWB: Free city walk Rotterdam. Download  Link - hier

NS: Free city walk Rotterdam Maasstad. A city walk from the Central Station of Rotterdam towards historical Delftshaven. The Mariniersmuseum is not mentioned, but if you take a left at the White House (Witte Huis), as mentioned you will walk right past the museum. Download  Link - hier

Telegraaf/Sturen: Free sailing route through Rotterdam. You will sail past the Mariniersmuseum. Download  Link - hier 

Stichting Stadsambassadeurs Rotterdam: Take a stroll with our city ambassadeurs and visit the Mariniersmuseum  Link - www.stadsambassadeursrotterdam.nl/

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