Celebrate your child's birthday in the Mariniersmuseum

This birthday package is for the tough boys and girls. Invite your friends for an exciting afternoon combat tracking Expeditie Speurneus 2.0. Get in the Landrover or aboard a seized pirate ship. 

What will you receive? Entrance to the Mariniersmuseum and a visit to Expedition Speurneus 2.0.  Every child receives a small present. 

This party is especially for children between the age of 7 and 12 years old. We have a maximum capacity of 12 children. The costs are  € 5,- per child, supervisors pay the regular entrance fee of  €6,- per person*. You can make a reservation on every day exept monday.  

Because combat trackig makes you thirsty and hungry, we have no problem with you bringing your own snacks. We have a few picknicktables you can use. 

Book your party by e-mailing educatie@mariniersmuseum.nl, mentioning date, time and the number of children and supervisors. We will take care of the rest. 

Fun detail: make your own invitations with Greetz.nl (they have 2 specific mariniers looks). Links:

Invitation 1 upright format

Invitation 2 horizontal format

*Supervisors pay a regular  Fee. However, if you own a Museumkaart or Rotterdampas your entrance is free. Discount passes for the children are not a possibility, they pay the package price. 

How to get there


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